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The Garden Shutters Card by Amazing Paper Grace

I loved creating an A2 card using the S6-183 Butterfly Bliss Garden Shutter die along with the S5-484-Primrose Heart die.

The dies for my project were provided by Amazing Paper Grace.

Here is the step out tutorial to make this card.

Step 1

Choose the pattern paper and use the biggest rectangular die to cut out three die cut pieces from the largest A2 card die .Draw two lines in the centre of each piece.

Step 2

Cut out the centre from one of the card base. Use the drawn line to coincide with the notches on the die to centre the die.

Step 3

Use the shutter mechanism die and place on top of one the die as shown and cut it out .

Step 4

Use the bottom holes as guide and place the die in the middle to cut out the middle shutter. Similarly, cut out the botttom shutter.

Fold along the lines as shown.

Step 5

Add foam tape on the tabs as shown. Then attach this on one of the card base.

Step 6

Cut out the tabs using the tab die and the pull word die as shown.

Add tape at the card and attach the frame.

Step 7

Cut three pieces of filigree die cuts to add on the shutter.

Step 8

Cut the flowers and leaves and colour them. Add to the card.

Cut the butterflies. Colour with markers and add on the shutters.

Step 7

Cut the words and add inside the card.

Finished card

I hope you liked the tutorial. Do let me know if you have any problem putting it together.

Buy the dies at the spellbinders store here.

Thanks for stopping by.

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