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Floral Bamboo box with Amazing Paper Grace dies

Hi Friends

Flower making is such a wonderful art and so versatile. Handmade flowers can bring any project to life and they look so beautiful. I am a passionate flower maker and love the dies by Amazing Paper Grace, They help me to make perfect flowers for all my projects.

Here I have used the Cinch and Go Poinsettia dies to make flowers and decorate my small bamboo cane box with it. Yes!!! You heard it right~~~~ The dies is a poinsettia flower die but you can make many other flower types with it.

I was really happy with the result and just by adding a few hand made flowers, how wonderful the plainbox looks. These flowers are so easy and quick to make that in no time, you can make this beautiful gift box.

I have used foam sheets to make the flowers but one can make these with paper also.

I will use this box to keep small hand embroidered napkins gifted to me by my mother.

However, you can use it for any other purpose.

Here is the step by step tutorial to make the flowers.

Cut the die cuts in foam sheets from the Poinsettia flowers and the second leaf from the Sweet Cottage Flowers die.

One big flower has two pieces of big poinsettia die cut. Medium flowers has two medium die cuts.

. Use soft oil pastels to color the flowers. You can also use distress inks and archival inks. Colour the flowers in shades of yellow, orange and red. Use dark green for the green leaves and dark brown colour for the brown leaves. Smudge the colours with finger tips.

Use the household iron on setting medium to mold thHold the flower, front side up on the hot plate with the help of ball tool. The flower will swell and reduce in size. Quickly put the flower on foam pad and press in the center with ball tool. Twist and shape the leaves using finger tips. Shape all the flowers and adhere two pieces together to make one flower.

Add stamens in the center of the flowers.

Arrange the flowers and leaves on the bamboo box lid. Add some artificial moss and some store bought flowers to enhance its look.

The Complete Project.


S4-960 Cinch and Go Poinsettia dies

S4-1025 Sweet Cottage Flower etched dies

Die cutting machine, Soft oil pastels, artificial stamens, artificial flowers, green moss, hot glue gun.

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Do let me know how did you like my project??? Do you also love making flowers???

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